Get to Know Us

Our goals of wellness intervention is through restoring balance to the whole body. Our doctor and staff, are passionate about providing holistic health to the entire family.

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Providing Balance for a Holistic Life

Whatever your goal, we can help you reach it, together.

  • Chiropractic Services
  • Acupuncture
  • Interferential Electrotherapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Intersegmental Traction
  • Kinesio and Rock Taping
  • Family Nutritional Counseling
  • Cold Laser Therapy

Individualized Care for Your Stage of Life

As life changes, so will you and your goals. Our team can see you through all of them

Pregnancy Wellness

Your pregnancy should be enjoyable and not painful. Our doctor provides services to help ensure that your pregnancy is as pain-free as possible.

Child Wellness

Babies and children also benefit from chiropractic services. Dr. Emel is certified to work on pregnant women and pediatric patients

Chiropractic Care

Life should be enjoyable and pain free. Our team provides a variety of services to help you adjust your health in the right direction.


No matter your stage of life, acupuncture is a great way to help reduce joint, muscle paint, and help reduce stress. Dr. Jennifer Sutherland is board certified in acupuncture.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy works hand-in-hand with chiropractic care, relaxing the body, improving circulation, and helping the bone structure adjust more easily. Wanda Haubner provides massage therapy for our patients.