5 Star Review from Taylor T

"Started coming to Compass Chiropractic for my newborn and ending up coming for myself because Dr. Ashley, Dr. Jennifer and the staff are amazing!! The atmosphere is awesome and they are so friendly to everyone who walks through the door. Will always come to them for my chiropractic care."

Does your back hurt? Get rid of the pain right now!

Day-to-day chores can cause immense back pain. Care for your core to keep going throughout the day. Make life more enjoyable and get up on your feet! Connect with us today to know more!

Y'all need to get some adjustments!

"Ouch! my back hurts!" You need to call Compass Chiropractic!

Accelerate healing, Reduce Spinal Nerve Pain.

Care for your Core and Spine, and make life more enjoyable.

Keep your pine straight, your brain will follow.

Hunters sitting for a long time and carrying heavy loads can benefit from a massage. Call us today!

Hunting can put a lot of stress on your back. This comes from the weapons, bags and kills that you may be carrying around. It’s important to care for your core and spine health to avoid injury and make your hunting experience more enjoyable. If you’re not feeling up to par, give us a call and we’ll help you get back on your feet!

Sore after the hunt? We offer full body Massage. Book an appointment today.

Hunters need Chiropractic Care too! Call Us Today!

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