Arm Pain Relief

Arm Pain and Cervical Radiculopathy Relief

Arm pain may manifest itself in several ways, with numerous symptoms and differing causes. Our chiropractors in Columbia treat one of the more common types of arm, neck, and upper back pain known as cervical radiculopathy. Instead of originating from a localized arm injury, cervical radiculopathy occurs when a neck injury, joint inflammation, or herniated discs in the neck pinch nerves responsible for the sensation and function of the arms. It can be very painful, but chiropractic treatment provides welcome relief.

Our Columbia Chiropractors’ Arm Pain Treatment Options

If you live here in Columbia and suffer neck, upper back, and arm pain and/or numbness, tingling, and weakness in the arms, please come in for an examination with our chiropractor. Arm pain from cervical radiculopathy is most common in adults over 50 but can affect anyone who has nerve impingement in the neck due to any of the following causes:

Herniated disc in the neck

The jelly-like intervertebral discs between each vertebra serve as shock absorbers and, in healthy cases, provide a passageway for nerves to travel from the spinal cord and out to the extremities. These discs can lose their hydration and bulge or rupture, either from the aging process or from a car accident injury, etc. Damaged discs and vertebrae pinch the nerves, leading to arm pain, numbness, and weakness.


When long-term poor posture or an injury jostles neck vertebrae out of alignment, they can also pinch nerves and inflame the facet joints, causing early-onset osteoarthritis; a leading cause of cervical radiculopathy.

Poor ergonomics

Habitual forward head posture from craning your neck over a computer all day, particularly when coupled with an un-ergonomic desk setup, can also cause these symptoms.

After diagnosing the causes of your arm pain, our chiropractors in Columbia can provide treatment options for natural, lasting relief:

Chiropractic spinal adjustments

Our chiropractors’ gentle, precise spinal adjustments realign vertebrae to remove pressure from discs, which relieves nerve pressure and pain.

Therapeutic exercises

Our chiropractors will teach you stretches and exercises to help you support proper neck posture and improve range of motion through the upper back, shoulders, and arms. They can also advise you on better ergonomics at work.

If you suspect you may have cervical radiculopathy, please schedule an appointment today at (573) 445-4444.