Disc Injury

Columbia Chiropractors Provide Bulging & Herniated Disc Relief

There are shock-absorbing discs meant to fit perfectly between each vertebra in your spine, allowing nerves to pass comfortably from your spinal cord to the rest of your body. These discs have a tough but flexible outer covering with a softer, jelly-like center. With aging, these discs may lose hydration and start bulging, also known as a protruding disc. These are common in the neck and lower back, and some individuals may have them without experiencing any pain or symptoms. A herniated disc occurs when the tougher outer covering cracks, allowing some of the inner filling to slip out and pinch nerves, leading to back or neck pain, numbness, and tingling in affected areas of the body. Fortunately, our chiropractors in Columbia can provide effective treatment and relief for disc problems.

Questions about a Spinal Disc Slip, Bulge, or Herniation?

Why does a disc become bulged or herniated, allowing its filling to slip out and pinch nerves? Several factors could cause a protrusion or herniation:

Traumatic injury

Car accident injuries like whiplash can damage discs in the neck, while any type of back injury might affect discs in the lower back, leading to sciatica symptoms.

Poor posture

Prolonged periods of hunching, slouching, or leaning can misalign vertebrae, exerting undue pressure on discs, which can cause bulging, herniation, or protrusion.


Discs often start bulging as dehydration occurs with aging, potentially leading to pain and eventual slip and protrusion.

Fortunately, there are drug-free, non-surgical bulging disc or herniated disc treatment options that our chiropractors can offer for long-term pain relief, allowing you to return to an active lifestyle:

Chiropractic spinal adjustments

Our chiropractors are highly skilled at gently adjusting vertebrae into correct posture, alleviating pressure on discs and providing pain relief.

Therapeutic exercises

Core strength and proper posture are crucial for relieving bulging and herniated discs. Our chiropractors will guide you on correct form during exercises, stretches, and proper ergonomics for daily tasks.

If you are suffering due to a bulging disc or herniated disc condition, there is hope for relief! Please reach out to us and schedule an appointment today at (573) 445-4444.