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When interferences to the nervous system are removed, homeostasis occurs. Human beings are innately designed to be in balance.


At Compass Chiropractic and Wellness, we believe that men should be in correct alignment too!! Whether you are experiencing general neck, mid-back or low back pain, are a weekend warrior, have a stressful or physical job or just want to feel like the old you again, we have you covered at Compass! We know it is hard to focus on your own health when you have so many other things going on in life. Stressors from work, family and daily activities can make you feel like you are not yourself at times. Come into our office to get your health “adjusted in the right direction”.


Chiropractic care for Women is more than simple back pain. With all the stress that women go through, whether you are a mom, wife, aunt, or daughter the challenges we face are incredible. At Compass (not align), we focus more on stress relief and a return to happiness to be “living” your life instead of just being in it. With women’s care as a focus, we can treat so many conditions that we are faced with throughout our lives.


Congratulations on your pregnancy! Compass Chiropractic and Wellness has a saying, “your pregnancy should be enjoyable and as pain free as possible”. With that being our main mindset, we do all that is in our power, through special adjustments, exercises, and home recommendations to ensure that your pregnancy will not only be as pain-free as possible, but your labor may be shorter, and the pain levels significantly decreased.

Dr. Emel uses a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment called the Webster technique, which reduces interference to the nervous system and balances the pelvic muscles and ligaments. This improves function in the mother’s pelvis and may contribute to easier labors and delivery. We believe the body needs to be as balanced as possible through alignment of the pelvis, sacrum and even round ligaments. With this mindset, a majority of patients, once under care do not experience sciatica, and first time moms have on average 6-10 hour labors from start to finish.

Many mothers and practitioners have reported that after this adjustment, the baby settled into a more optimal position for birth. The ICPA (who certifies doctors in this technique) is exploring the clinical data from hundreds of cases in its NIH recognized Practiced Based Research Network. As an ICPA member, Dr. Emel is kept up to date all publications and current research to apply in her practice.

Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy is a vital ingredient to a healthier pregnancy and birth. Call us for a complimentary consultation and we can assess your individual needs during this special time of your life.


Some adults may wonder why more and more children are starting to see chiropractors.

That’s a good question and the answer is simple. Whether we have a large spine or a tiny spine, if the spine is creating nerve distress then our bodies may not operate as smoothly as it should.

Compass Chiropractic infant care bottom of an infant’s feet
Nerve irritations (or vertebral subluxations) occur as a part of normal daily life. They result from physical, chemical and emotional stressors or ‘insults’ to our health. These include bad posture, falls while learning to walk, crawl or run, sleeping on the tummy, knocks and falls, poor food choices, sports injuries, carrying backpacks that are too heavy, stress and anxiety. Even before these lifestyle stressors have an impact. Nerve irritation can even occur in the uterus while the mom is in labor because of the long hours of compression, forceps, and C-Sections! It is important to find and remove these interference in children while they are young instead of being faced with issues when they get older. It’s a privilege and an honor to be trusted with your most valuable possession! Children respond great to chiropractic care when their bodies are given the opportunity to heal.

  • Maximize brain and nerve development
  • To help achieve a more successful latch when breastfeeding
  • To help a child sleep more restfully
  • Enhance their child’s overall health and well-being
  • Strengthen immunity and reduce the incidence of colds, ear-aches and general illness
  • Help with colic and Irritable Baby Syndrome
  • Help with asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies
  • Improve spinal posture
  • Improve their child’s ability to concentrate
  • Assist with behavioral disorders and enhance emotional well being
  • Help alleviate digestive problems such as reflux or excessive spitting up
  • Assist with bed-wetting and sleep issues